Herd Health

CAE Prevention: We test once a year. We have never had one test positive in the history of this farm (founded in 2011). No other goats are brought onto the farm unless tested negative.

Kidding: Does close to kidding are put in a stall beginning about 5 days before their due date. Stalls are bedded down with hay or pine shavings. We try to have someone in the barn at time of kidding. Kids are dried off with towels while the dams help. Kids are not bottle fed unless requested by kid buyer. They are helped to latch on to the dam to nurse if needed and then are left in the stall while we take out all goo and mess made during the process of kidding. Dams are given a snack after kidding and then left to take care of the kids.  (UPDATE: We have started testing our does for pregnancy through Biopryn)

Daily Care: Does are fed a dairy grain mix, with added Kelp, Mineral, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and Alfalfa . They are given fresh water whenever needed. At night kids are put into a stall so we can milk the next morning. In the morning they are then let back out with their dams after milking and are left with them all day.

Milking: The does are led up one at a time to be milked by hand. They are cleaned with natural baby wipes then milked out. After milking they are sprayed with a teat spray and are led back out to the field.

Deworming: We never have and never will deworm regularly. Any time a goat showing signs of anemia we do a fecal test to determine if parasites are an issue and deworm individuals as needed.

If you would like any more information on the health care of our herd, please contact us and we would be happy to help you!