Reference Dairy Goats

Below are animals that have made impacts on our herd to make it what it is today.

Sadly, we lost Valencia to Listeria when she was 15 weeks old. We are not sure where she picked it up and will be moving the goats to a new area that is clean.
Valencia was RGCH at the 2015 Monroe Spring Show despite her off-set jaw. She placed first in both classes at Monroe and continued to look better and better as she matured. It was sad to see her leave so soon. She was one of our sweetest kids and had the most adorable face.
My poor little girl will be remembered.
Lucky*Star's LB Cicely

                            SS: Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around EEE 91
S: Lucky*Star's RA Bravo - VVV 86
                            SD: Lucky*Star's RY Accolade - EEEE 91
                             DS: Altrece AP Very Berry - VEE 88
D: Lucky*Star's AV Yvonne II - EVVE 90
                              DD: Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian - EEEE 93

Chelson3 Satin Chanel

Sire: High Gear Notorious Bill

Dam: Fitz's Kids 'Honey'

Appleberry Cove Brielle

Our First Lamancha

S: Altrece Casino Savoir Faire

D: Appleberry Cove LS Tonya

LL Acres Guinness Shadow Stout

All recorded grades here are descendants of this doe

S: Cayds Castle Sir Guinness

D: LL Acres VJD Gabbana


CH Heart Mt Tweed Navigator

Navigator was used as heavily has possible then sold due to being related to most of our herd

S: GCH One*Oak*Hill MAC Tumbleweed

D: SGCH Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Nikki

On Holiday Riding Top Down

Our 2015 Junior Herdsire, used heavily then sold to be used heavily in another herd.

S: Montage KTL Tiktach

D: Lucky*Star's LB Cicely (Pictured above)

Montage Vincent Van Goat

S: Kastdemur's Van Gogh

D: Lucky*Star's LB CYD Charisse