Senior Does

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1*M GCH Chaos Caprines Everlast

(Pictured as a 6 year old 5th freshener)

DOB: 04/05/2011

Pictured as a 2 year old 2nd freshener

DOB: 02/23/2015

On Holiday HMTN Italy

Pictured as a 2 year old, FF

DOB: 04/16/2015

(Pictured as a 4 year old 3rd freshener)
DOB: 03/31/2010

Lucky*Star's LB Cicely

VV+V 87

Pictured as a 6 year old 4th freshener

DOB: 02/26/2012


Pictured as a 3 year old, 3rd freshener


17% Nubian 83% Lamancha