On Holiday Farm is located in Winder, GA where we raise high quality Lamancha dairy goats and beef cattle.

We started with dairy goats in 2010 with the intention of only having 2 family milking does. We began our heard with 2 Alpines who produced well for us for nearly 2 years before a Lamancha. found us. In 2012 we purchased a bred Lamancha doe, Appleberry Cove Brielle. After the "regal" demeaner of the Alpines that sweet Lamancha was a relief. We sold off our Alpines and continued our journey with Lamancha.. Through carefully chosen genetics we slowly began to improve our small herd.. In 2013, we Purchased our foundation doe, GCH Chaos Caprines Everlast, who is now retired. Evie was the first doe to finish as a champion under our ownership.  As well as help taking Ciera to a 2 year undefeated showmanship streak at local shows and two 7th place wins in Showmanship at the ADGA National Show in 2016 and 2018.

Two years after the purchase of Evie, SG Deseret Citron Pixie was brought on. Her kids have made crucial improvements to the rest of the herd, producing SGCH Montage TN Pixie's Belle, our herd sire On Holiday HMTN Adventure and the 2018 Lamancha Colorama consignment kid, On Holiday MS Tahiti.. Today our herd is Pure Lamancha and one entertaining Lamancha/Nubian experimental., GCH On Holiday VG Cheyenne. 

Currently, we are breeding only a select few of the highest quality animals we feel we can produce here in Georgia.  Our goal is to improve the longevity in the Lamancha breed here in the southeast while keeping them strong, productive and beautiful.