On Holiday Farm is located in Winder, GA where we raise Lamancha dairy goats and beef cattle.

We started with dairy goats in 2010 because my sister could not drink cows milk. Our first goats were two Alpines, Molly and Pippin, a doe with her buck kid. In the 2012 we purchased a bred Lamancha doe. Well, after the "regal" attitude of the Alpines the sweet Lamancha demeanor was a relief so we sold off the Alpines and continued our journey with Lamanchas. Now, our herd is Lamanchas and a couple of silly Lamancha/Nubians crosses. Currently we are maintaining about 16 goats in total, including bucks. At our high time in the late spring we reach up to about 30 in total. This year we began adding AI into our breeding program to bring in some older, more diverse genetics.

ur goal is to improve the longevity in the Lamancha breed while keeping them strong, productive and beautiful.

Our goats are currently used for show (national and local), Linear Appraisal and milk. This year we added DHIR to our program.

- Ciera Keena
 Owner of On Holiday Farm