Herd Sires

2016 Junior Herdsire

On Holiday HMTN Adventure

Dam: SG Deseret Citron Pixie - VEEE 90

Sire: GCH Heart Mt Tweed Navigator - VVE 89

01-06 VVV 86

Pictured at 3, with 2 champion legs.

2017 Junior Herdsire

Montage KVG Shakespeare

Dam: Montage NAV Coral

Sire: Kastdmur's Van Gogh

Pictured a 5

2018 Junior Herdsire

On Holiday Solo Expidition

Littermate brother to the Lamancha Colorama Kid at the 2018 ADGA National Show

Dam: SG Deseret Citron Pixie - VEEE 90

Sire: Montage KVG Shakespeare

Semen In The Tank

+*B SG Tempo Cassius

Produced the 1st place 3 year old at the 2007 ADGA National Show

AvgFS: 88.1

                                             SSS: SG Winterwood's The Medicine Man

                        SS: GCH One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult

                                            SSD: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Harlequin Tullia

S: SGCH Tempo Yagudin

                                            SDS: GCH Winterwood's Maestro

                        SD: GCH Tempo Katya

                                            SDD: Aspen-Hill's Karoline

                                            DSS: SGCH Coastside Rum Runner

                        DS: Coastside Sea Spray

                                            DSD: GCH Coastside Nautiy Wylea

D: SGCH Windstar Notta Shy Anne

                                            DDS: Windstar Amos' Legacy

                        DD GCH Olympic Christines Shy Annie

                                            DDD: Ever Lovin Olympic Christine

++*B SG Winterwood's The Medicine Man

Sired the 2002 ADGA National Champion and Reserve Udder

AvgFS: 87.1

                                            SSS: Clovertop's Busquemos

                        SS: Clovertop's LOLO Rodriguez

                                            SSD: Clovertop's Black Lace - +VVV 84

S: Clovertop's L Don Juan

                                            SDS: K-Lou Trystan

                        SD: Clovertop's Donna Dulce

                                            SDD: Clovertop's Disco Doll

                                            DSS: Coastside Voyager

                        DS: SG Secret Ravine Dawns Shine-On

                                            DSD: Tiffany Tammy's Dawn

D: SGCH Winterwood's S-O Dreamer - V+EE 88

                                            DDS: GCH Companeros Pierre Dividend - EEE 90

                        DD: GCH Winterwood's D Wildflower - EEEE 90

                                            DDD: Winterwood's Buttercup

++*B Kastdemur's Up & Atom

2nd place get of sire @ the 2008 ADGA National Show

Dam: 2nd place @ the 2008 and 2009 ADGA National Shows

2011: Sired our GCH Chaos Caprines Everlast

AvgFS: 87.2

                                            SSS: GCH One*Oak*Hill MAC Tumbleweed - EEE 91

                        SS: One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Taipei - VV+ 85

                                            SSD: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Payne Talpa - EVVE 90

S: Dagron Taipei"s Toronto - EEE 91

                                            SDS: Redwood-Hills Nomad Scout - VEE 90

                        SD: SGCH Hogg's-Hideaway Casmira - EEEE 92

                                            SDD: SGCH Hogg's Hideaway Chimera - EEEE 91

                                            DSS: One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Talon - EEE 90

                        DS: Autumn-Acres Talon Willoughby

                                            DSD: CH Autumn-Acres Cycas Jamica - EEEE 92

D: GCH Kastdemur's Make7upyours - EEEE 93

                                            DDS: GCH One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult - EEE 92

                        DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Seven-Up - EEEE 91

                                            DDD: SGCH Kastdemur's Sprite - EEEE 92

*B Rockin-CB E Ensign

                                            SSS: GCH Me's Ranch Tessa's Alex

                        SS: Me's-Ranch Alex Check Mate - VEE 88

                                            SSD: GCH Me's Ranch Lamar Chantilly

S: Lucky*Star's C Emilio Esetvez

                                            SDS: Lucky Star's NB Yauldson

                        SD:  GCH Lucky Star's Y Brigette Bardot - VVEV 87

                                            SDD: GCH Lucky Star's SS Yvonne - VEEE 89

                                            DSS: Lucky Star's NB Yauldson

                        DS: GCH Lucky Star Y Brigham - V++ 86

                                            DSD: GCH Lucky Star's Yo-Yo - EEEV 90

D: GCH Rockin-CB Brigham's Epic - V+EV 87

                                            DDS: Desert Sun Heritage

                        DD: Desert-Sun Sonnet (Polled)

                                            DDD: Desert Sun Lyric

++*B SG Sundew NP Caliente

20 SG Daughters!

AvgFS: 82.3

                                            SSS: K-Lou V. Flashdancer

                        SS: K-Lou X. Kaw The River Kid - ++V 85

                                            SSD: K-Lou Sandee - VEEA 85

S: SG Haute Caprine No Problema

                                            SDS: SG Antares M Voyager

                        SD: GCH TKL Long On Looks - EEEV 90

                                            SDD: GCH KTL Peaches

                                            DSS: Rocking M Verbatim

                        DS: GCH Coastside Scuttlebutt - +EV 85

                                            DSD: GCH Coastside Scutterbotch

D: SGCH Sundew CS Catalina - VEEE 90

                                            DDS: SG Secret Ravine Rainmaker - +VV 85

                        DD: SGCH Catawampus Rain Firefly - VEEE 91

                                            DDD: Catawampus Tru Roxanne

*B Oak-Knoll-Dairy Y Kublai Khan

Sire appraised EEE93 as an 8 year old with excellent feet and legs!

AvgFS: 81.3

                                            SSS: Rocking M Sand Dune

                        SS: SGCH Rocking M Taylor

                                            SSD: Rocking M Mona

S: SGCH Little Bic's Y- Yogi Yahn - EEE 93

                                            SDS: Rocking M Sterling Silver

                        SD: GCH Rocking M Vella - VV+V 87

                                            SDD: GCH Rocking M Ella

                                            DSS: K-Lou X. Kaw The River Kid

                        DS: SG Haute Caprine No Problema - ++V 84

                                            DSD: GCH TKL Long On Looks - EEEV 90

D: SGCH Oak-Knoll-Dairy NP Carolyn - V+EE 90

                                            DDS: SGCH Lucky Star's QA Zachary Taylor

                        DD: Oak Knoll Dairy ZT Amy

                                            DDD: Oak Knoll Dairy Betsy